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Welcome to, Here you'll find some free sudoku grids to play online or to print. The sudoku's pages to print are without ads and in white & black.
Enjoy! Have Fun!

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SUDOKU online
Thousands of grids to play online are offered to you gratuitously and in free access. To acces to the playground, choose the level and play -->

Print grids of sudoku
Simple sudoku
Double sudoku
Giant sudoku
Simple sudoku
Double sudoku
Giant sudoku
More than 5000 grids of sudoku (9*9) classified around 5 levels are proposed to you freely.
A double is 2 grids of sudoku which share a part of the grids.
The giant itís a super sudoku 16*16 with 9 numbers and 7 letters (from A to G).

A double grid per page.

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